Cash Back Rebate Rate increased for traders of HotForex

Cash Back Rate is increased by over 30% for HotForex

As of August 9th, we have increased the Cash Back rate for all traders of HotForex.

We are happy to announce the recent update on the Cash Back rate for all HotForex's traders. The Cash Back rate has been increased by over 30% from August 11th, as follows:

Previous Cash Back Rate Current Cash Back Rate
Cash Back for Forex pairs 0.36 pips 0.48 pips
Cash Back for Gold and Silver 3.6 USD per lot 4.8 USD per lot

The update has been made for all trading accounts including existing accounts and new accounts. The latest update on the Cash Back rate applies only for Premium, Micro and Automated account types. For more information and trading conditions of Premium account types, please visit the page below.

Note that different cash back rate will be applied for other account types as below.

Cash Back Rate for other HotForex's account types

The Cash Back rate is higher for Premium, Micro and Automated account types as it is currently at 0.48 pips. In case you wish to use other account types of HotForex, then different cash back rate may apply as below"
Account Types Cash Back Rate
Premium Account with 100% Supercharged Bonus 0.36 pips
HF Copy Account 0.36 pips
Zero Account 0.18 pips
The cash back rate can also be affected by the type of orders you make. For more information, please visit the page here.

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How to get Cash Back with HotForex?

If you are looking for a Cash Back Bonus promotion which you can receive directly to your account with no limit, then you are at the right place. FX Prime Cash Back offers direct rebate for traders of HotForex. The Cash Back rebate amount is unlimited and you can receive it for the unlimited time period. Follow the steps below to get yourself the Cash Back today.
  1. Signup and Open a live account with HotForex You must make sure that you are registering for HotForex's service and opening an account through this website. Otherwise you will not earn Cash Back of your terms.
  2. Deposit at least 100 USD The required minimum deposit amount to start trading with HotForex is 100 USD. Use any method you like to transfer your funds to HotForex to get started.
  3. Start Trading and Cash Back automatically As long as you have opened the account through this website, you are eligible for the Cash Back rebate.
Open HotForex Cash Back Account

You can also participate in other promotions of HotForex while receiving the Cash Back rebate from us. Cash Back rebate is credited for both losing and profitable trades. Signup today and maximize your profit rate with real promotions.


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